Operating System iOS 5.0 or later
Size 1.1 MB
Device Support iPod Touch 1st Gen or later
iPhone 3 or later
iPad 1st Gen. or later
iPad Mini 1st Gen. or later
Imaging Support An iOS App capable of capturing and sharing content
Requirements WSN Clearview Application Server
Average Rating in AppStore™ []
Number of Ratings in AppStore™

by Guzziguymike - Version 1.0 *****
Easy. Stable. And Secure What an ECM tool is suppose to be.

by Pradeip13 - Version 1.0 *****
This app has a very simple and intuitive interface. I can search and view securely all my documents on my iPhone. It’s becoming very handy for my day to day operations. Great support Must have ECM app

by Gina@,ll - Version 1.0 *****
Very useful and easy to use! Saved me a lot of time!

by Audronius - Version 1.0 *****
One of the best ECM apps you can own. User friendly. Great support.

by mooresque - Version 1.0 *****
Does what you need, quickly and efficiently.

by docdavell - Version 1.0 *****
This app is outstanding! It provides simple and robust access to my documents from anywhere. Working from customer sites and needing quick access to content is a breeze with this simple to use interface. And everything I view is stored securely and safely in the local vault on my device. I can't speak highly enough about this app!!

by chantheman14 - Version 1.0 *****
I could finally access my documents in Clearview on my phone and iPad easily!

by Lancaster45 - Version 1.0 *****
This application is extremely useful accessing my corporate documents and allowing me to get work done while On-The-Go. I love it!

by Zibute U. - Version 1.0 *****
Great application! It is really big help for me Thank u

by Gruber14 - Version 1.0 *****
Wow! What a relief! I was waiting for an App like this forever! And this one is simply perfect! Thank you!

by LexLuth01 - Version 1.0 *****
This App is well designed and easy to use. I would recommend this for anyone that needs access to a corporate content management system from an iOS device. The Clearview ECM server is required and it connects to many popular ECM solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco and Documentum.

by The great007 - Version 1.0 *****
Try it you'll love it.

by Mpoursh - Version 1.0 *****
Really useful program ! Nice and easy app. Very useful for end users. Easy to find the document you need . Absolutely Awesome Product ! Excellent support ! Love it !

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