TWAIN vs. ISIS Imaging Device Interfaces?

ISIS is a proprietary scanner interface developed by Pixel Translations, Inc. TWAIN on the other hand, is a standard scanner interface developed by a non-profit consortium of companies that develop scanners and other input devices. Many vendors are moving away from ISIS since one has to pay a royalty to include ISIS drivers in one's software.

There is no technical advantage to using ISIS or TWAIN, other than that only one company develops ISIS drivers (Pixel Translations, Inc.), whereas most scanner vendors develop their own TWAIN drivers and keep them up to date.

Bottom line, as long as the device is compatible with your workstation or server platform, the Clearview client applications will be able to recognize the device to capture, classify and submit content directly to your repository.

Which Browsers are supported by the Web Client?

WSN Clearview Web Client is supported on the following Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

How can I integrate my application or content with WSN Clearview?

The WSN Clearview Platfom is built on the Microsoft Windows technology stack and provides a Web Services API for application and content integration. Partners and organizations that want to integrate data or application with the XtremeGIS platform may contact us for more information about our developer APIs.

Does WSN Clearview have a native OSX GUI application?

No, WSN Clearview does not have a native OSX GUI client. WSN Clearview is supported on the Apple OSX platform using the robust WSN Clearview Thin Client.

Does WSN Clearview integrate with WSN Insight?

Yes. The WSN Clearview SharePoint Connector provides the ability to fully leverage content from your SharePoint Farm using any of the WSN Clearview client applications. WSN Insight Knowledge Management for Microsoft SharePoint can store, search and retrieve content from the SharePoint Farm. Regardless of how the content was captured and saved to SharePoint, both applications will access the content.