ECM Mobility

Let your users access content:

  •  anytime
  •  anywhere
  •  on any device
  •  on any platform

Thursday 11 Feb 16 - 11a US EST

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11th February 2016
11:00a EDT
Financial Services
Life Sciences
Professional Services
Jason Poskanzer
Lester Pierre
Susan Moore
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Content Mobility on any Device and Platform!

Mobility has been a hot topic for many organizations for almost two decades, and the times have changed in recent years. The corporate mobility space has matured and even Microsoft allows users to edit Office files with third-party mobile applications. Organizations of all types and sizes are using Cloud based storage and repositories adding to the challenges of managing content.

Now you can get total control of your content with WSN Clearview to provide affordable Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS).

Organizations are realizing that not every piece of content needs to have the utmost security controls applied and are forgoing the mandate of content security and focusing on the concept of content control. Instead of focusing on 100 percent of the content, organizations relying on the 80/20 rule to safeguard key corporate content through strict governance and security policies while allowing end users to interact without restriction with non-business critical content. Nevertheless, these alternative repositories add to corporate content sprawl and are often abused by the user community.

Now you can get total control of your content with WSN Clearview to provide affordable Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS).

WSN Clearview’s innovative features provide a single user experience to access content in SharePoint, Office365, Alfresco, DropBox, Box and other repositories. (or just about any DM/ECM System), helping users cut through the chanllenges of content sprawl to improve the findability and governance of your corporate content assets.

And, it works the way you work:
  •  on Desktops
  •  on Web Browsers
  •  on Tablets
  •  on Smart Phones
  •  with any content repository!

We invite you to spend some time with us to see the productivity-improving, money-saving difference that WSN Clearview can make in your organization.

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Save BIG and improve your content management capabilities today.